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The Viking Way: Magic and Mind in Late Iron Age Scandinavia PDF Books

The Viking Way: Magic and Mind in Late Iron Age Scandinavia

Magic, sorcery and witchcraft are among the most common themes of the great medieval Icelandic sagas and poems, the problematic yet vital sources that provide our primary textual evidence for the Viking Age that they claim to describe. Yet despite the consistency of this picture, surprisingly little archaeological or historical research has been done to explore what this may really have meant to the men and women of the time. This book examines the evidence for Old Norse sorcery, looking at its meaning and function, practice and practitioners, and the complicated constructions of gender and sexual identity with which these were underpinned. Combining strong elements of eroticism and aggression, sorcery appears as a fundamental domain of women's power, linking them with the gods, the dead and the future. Their battle spells and combat rituals complement the men's physical acts of fighting, in a supernatural empowerment of the Viking way of life. What emerges is a fundamentally new image of the world in which the Vikings understood themselves to move, in which magic and its implications permeated every aspect of a society permanently geared for war. In this fully-revised and expanded second edition, Neil Price takes us with him on a tour through the sights and sounds of this undiscovered country, meeting its human and otherworldly inhabitants, including the Sami with whom the Norse partly shared this mental landscape. On the way we explore Viking notions of the mind and soul, the fluidity of the boundaries that they drew between humans and animals, and the immense variety of their spiritual beliefs. We find magic in the Vikings' bedrooms and on their battlefields, and we meet the sorcerers themselves through their remarkable burials and the tools of their trade. Combining archaeology, history and literary scholarship with extensive studies of Germanic and circumpolar religion, this multi-award-winning book shows us the Vikings as we have never seen them before.

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A Journey to Softness: In Search of Feel and Connection with the Horse PDF Books

A Journey to Softness: In Search of Feel and Connection with the Horse

Mark Rashid shares personal stories about events in his life that helped him on his journey to softness, as well as the stumbling blocks along the way. The narrative includes a section in which Mark passes on the experiences of others from a wide variety of walks of life and occupations, all sharing their views on how feel, connection and softness apply to their respective professions. Those interviewed for this special section include a musician who has written and performed several number one country music hits, a highly decorated helicopter pilot, a movie actor, a college professor, a master carpenter, an artist, and numerous others. What the reader learns by example is how to develop feel, relaxation, connection, and softness in both horse and rider. The methods and techniques Mark demonstrated have been gleaned from decades of work with horses and horse people, as well as while he trained with world-class martial artists whose lives have been dedicated to developing softness and connection with a partner through feel.

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Skateboard - Techniques étonnantes qui peuvent faire de vous un expert PDF Books

Skateboard - Techniques étonnantes qui peuvent faire de vous un expert

Skateboard - tricks et techniques

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Pembrokeshire Coast Path Map Booklet: 1:25,000 OS Route Mapping PDF Books

Pembrokeshire Coast Path Map Booklet: 1:25,000 OS Route Mapping

All the mapping you need to walk the 180 mile/290km long-distance Pembrokeshire Coastal Path National Trail from Amroth to St Dogmaels in Wales. This booklet of Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 Explorer maps has been designed for convenient use on the trail. It shows the full and up-to-date line of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, along with the relevant extract from the OS Explorer map legend.

NOTE An Accompanying Cicerone guidebook The Pembrokeshire Coast Path describes the full route in both directions with lots of other practical and historical information. The accompanying guidebook includes a copy of this map booklet.

It can be used when walking the trail in either direction. It is conveniently sized for slipping into a jacket pocket or top of a rucksack and comes in a clear PVC sleeve.

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The Case Study Handbook: A Student's Guide PDF Books

The Case Study Handbook: A Student's Guide

The guide all MBAs and exec ed students need.

If you're enrolled in an MBA or executive education program, you've probably encountered a powerful learning tool: the business case. But if you're like many people, you may find interpreting and writing about cases mystifying and time-consuming. In The Case Study Handbook, Revised Edition, William Ellet presents a potent new approach for efficiently analyzing, discussing, and writing about cases. Early chapters show how to classify cases according to the analytical task they require (making a decision, performing an evaluation, or diagnosing a problem) and quickly establish a base of knowledge about a case. Strategies and templates, in addition to several sample Harvard Business School cases, help you apply the author's framework. Later in the book, Ellet shows how to write persuasive case-analytical essays based on the process laid out earlier. Examples of effective writing further reinforce the methods. The book also includes a chapter on how to talk about cases more effectively in class. Any current or prospective MBA or executive education student needs this guide.

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The Cucumber Book: Behaviour-Driven Development for Testers and Developers PDF Books

The Cucumber Book: Behaviour-Driven Development for Testers and Developers

Your customers want rock-solid, bug-free software that does exactly what they expect it to do. Yet they can't always articulate their ideas clearly enough for you to turn them into code. You need Cucumber: a testing, communication, and requirements tool-all rolled into one. All the code in this book is updated for Cucumber 2.4, Rails 5, and RSpec 3.5.

Express your customers' wild ideas as a set of clear, executable specifications that everyone on the team can read. Feed those examples into Cucumber and let it guide your development. Build just the right code to keep your customers happy. You can use Cucumber to test almost any system or any platform.

Get started by using the core features of Cucumber and working with Cucumber's Gherkin DSL to describe-in plain language-the behavior your customers want from the system. Then write Ruby code that interprets those plain-language specifications and checks them against your application. Next, consolidate the knowledge you've gained with a worked example, where you'll learn more advanced Cucumber techniques, test asynchronous systems, and test systems that use a database. Recipes highlight some of the most difficult and commonly seen situations the authors have helped teams solve. With these patterns and techniques, test Ajax-heavy web applications with Capybara and Selenium, REST web services, Ruby on Rails applications, command-line applications, legacy applications, and more.

Written by the creator of Cucumber and the co-founders of Cucumber Ltd., this authoritative guide will give you and your team all the knowledge you need to start using Cucumber with confidence.

What You Need:

Windows, Mac OS X (with XCode) or Linux, Ruby 1.9.2 and upwards, Cucumber 2.4, Rails 5, and RSpec 3.5

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Argentina - Uruguay and Paraguay (en anglais) PDF Books

Argentina - Uruguay and Paraguay (en anglais)

Venture from the streets of lively Buenos Aires to the beaches of Punta del Este, and the rainforest of Parque Nacional Ybycui without missing a step. This guide includes 96 detailed maps, including Buenos Aires city, lodgings and dining to cover all budgets, as well as a handy Spanish language guide.

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The Science of Orphan Black: The Official Companion PDF Books

The Science of Orphan Black: The Official Companion

The official guide to the crazy science of Orphan Black

With exclusive insights from the show's co-creator Graeme Manson and science consultant Cosima Herter, The Science of Orphan Black takes you behind the closed doors of the Dyad Institute and inside Neolution. Authors Casey Griffin and Nina Nesseth decode the mysteries of Orphan Black; from the history of cloning, epigenetics, synthetic biology, chimerism, the real diseases on which the clone disease is based, and the transhumanist philosophies of Neolution, to what exactly happens when a projectile pencil is shot through a person's eye and into their brain. In full color, this must-have companion to the Peabody Award winning show covers all five seasons and includes a foreword by the "Real Cosima."

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Terraëen : Hors Frontière: (spin-off - Terraëen) PDF Books

Terraëen : Hors Frontière: (spin-off - Terraëen)

Mara Thuron est fraichement promue Capitaine au Service des Infrastructures Spatiales sur l'Atlantus. C'est le jour ou le vaisseau subit des degats graves reclamant une evacuation immediate. Assommee dans sa fuite, elle est secourue de justesse par Teagen Helmven. Lieutenante issue de l'EGAT, retrogradee et affectee au SIS comme punition pour ses litiges avec la hierarchie, elle conduira sa superieure, dans une capsule d'evacuation. Le programme de cette derniere les plongera dans le sommeil pour les preserver. Quand Mara et Teagan ouvriront a nouveau les yeux, ce sera sur une planete encore inconnue.Explorerez-vous ce nouvel opus de l'univers de Terraeen avec elles ?

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Warrior Coven PDF Books

Warrior Coven

Book by Cassern S Goto

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